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In 1988 Daniel Bond and I made this film as a black & white pencil test at CalArts. The drawings sat in a cardboard box in various basements, closets, etc. for 18 years . . . at last, in 2006, they were resurrected and I finished the film in color utilizing AfterEffects and Photoshop. --- LINOLEUM DODO on YouTube

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When my daughter was about 8 years old I recorded her singing and playing the ukulele to a little song she wrote. I knew I wanted to do something with the song but wasn't sure what. Then about two years later I decided to make it into a short animated film. I talked it over with my daughter and we came up with a story. After I planned out the scenes, I had my daughter draw pictures of the characters and backgrounds, then I took her drawings and animated them in a cut-out style, resulting in a short and sweet film brimming with charm. --- BOUGHT SOME CHEESE on YouTube

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