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Geefwee Boedoe is Pronounced: Gee (as in "golly GEE whiz")+ Fwee (like "free" but with a lisp)

Boe-doe (rhymes with the famous extinct bird "dodo")

I grew up in the land of apples, Wenatchee Washington – Apple Capital of the World (or so they say). The volcanic soil of the region, which I ate frequently as a child, was ideal for growing apples but had devastating consequences on my developing mind . . . After growing a "Handle-Bar Mustache on my Chin", and making a suction cup tie and shoes out of a bath mat, I decided it was time to study animation, so off I went to CalArts while continuing to design and sew my own fanciful clothes (early on my sister and mother helped with the tricky stitches). On a side note: reactions from my "fruity" attire ranged from delight to bewilderment, snickering to raging hostility.

I've worked in the Animation Industry for most all the big boys, and some little boys as well . . . doing animation, story, design (just about everything at one time or another), but I always continued personal work on the side – children's books, poetry, music, painting and sculpture. In 1995 I got myself hitched and moved to another fruit capital, San Francisco, to start a new life . . .With an eye skewed towards personal projects I finally went independent in 2002. My first fruit from this path was "Arrowville" a children's book I wrote and illustrated which went on to win multiply awards. A year or so after that a selection of my drawings and paintings were exhibited at MOMA (in the Big Apple) as part of a Pixar Art Retrospective.

In my free time I enjoy composing songs and blasting loud irritating sounds out of my cornet and trombone (did I mention I'm half deaf? It's true, but only from the belly button up – my feet hear as well as anybody's). I now sport a foot long braided goatee, and lament over my pathetically boring wardrobe as I can no longer find the time to make my own clothes. I am currently pursuing a varied career as freelance designer, film maker, author/ illustrator and overall ne'er-do-well. My wife and I live in the Bay Area with our daughter -- the apple of my eye.

(how many "fruit" references can you find above?)

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